Guides Blue Guide et Let’s go

Blue Guides

“Without doubt, the best of the walks guides…. the Blue Guide has been around since 1918 and has extremely well designed walks with lots of unique little side stops to hit on just about any interest you have. If you want to pick up the feel of the city, this is the best book to do that for you. This is one that you end up packing on your 10th trip, by which time it is well worn.”

“These are venerable, old-fashioned guides. Good maps and excellent for museum opening hours, but no interest in less worthy activities such as finding a hotel or nightlife. Superb for art galleries, noteworthy paintings, churches and outstanding architecture – these are the concerns of these worthy guides. But, like all gazetteers, no weight is given to any of the entries – as if all the museums and galleries in each and every town are worth visiting!”

Let’s Go

“Let’s Go is a great guide series that specializes in the niche interest details that turn a trip into a great and memorable experience. Started by and for college students, these guides are famous for the details provided by people who used the book the previous year. They continue to focus on providing a great experience inexpensively. If you want to know about the top restaurants, this is not for you (use Fodor’s or Michelin). Let’s Go does have a bewildering array of different guides though. Here’s which is what: Budget Guide is the main guide with incredibly detailed information and reviews on everything you can think of.”

“There are guides for those that backpack and have a tight budget (Rough Guide, Let’s Go)”

“Let’s Go Travel Guides have long been our favorite for budget travel. Even if you’re not traveling on a budget, they are often the best for bus and train information and a good overview of each destination.”

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